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EF03413 ELECFREAKS Robit Smart Cars Robot mbot kompatibilis

12.900 Ft (10.157 Ft + ÁFA)
Elérhetőség: Raktáron

EF03413 ELECFREAKS Robit Smart Cars Robot mbot kompatibilis



EF03413 ELECFREAKS Robit - DIY Mini Smart Cars Robot Development Platform Chassis for micro:bit compatible with mbot

Robit is a motherboard of smart car based on micro:bit. It is compatible with MBOT. Except for the integration of the simple and convinient RJ25 connector,motor connector and sensor on MBOT, we have extended 4 DC motor connectors, 2 stepping motor connectors(same with 4 DC motor connectors), 8 PWM signal output connectors. You can use it to drive PWM signal driving devices like servo. It has 8 G-5V-S digital signal connectors(for connecting with OCTOPUS electric bricks). Robit can realize all current basic functions of MBOT. Besides, you can extend its usage with more sensors, motors, servos, stepping motors and so on. And its programming is easier.